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Shoestring Group is a Boat Share Group affiliated to the Sailing Association Mar Menor (SAMM)

in Los Alcazars, Murcia, Spain



This MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION is made as of                                                       (date) between the Applicant and Shoestring Group


I. Intent

I am applying to become a Member of Shoestring Group in accordance with its Boat Share Agreement (“The Agreement”). This will require a payment to buy a Share in the Group with additional annual payments as determined by the Committee from time to time. I acknowledge that my competence will be tested and that I have read and understood the Agreement as well as the points made in this Form.







II. Personal Details


the full name of the Applicant is;




First Name


Family Name


Other Names


III. Address(es)


The permanent address of the Applicant is;



House number / Name






The secondary address of the Applicant is;


House number / Name






IV. Contact details


Home Telephone


Mobile Telephone


Other Telephone


E-mail Address


V. Sailing Experience (if applicable)










VI. Can the Applicant swim?   



VII. Are there any medical or physical conditions which may affect the Applicant’s ability to sail?                                           





 (if Yes, please discuss with a member of the Committee)


VIII. Membership Term


The Membership shall begin on the date of formal clearance of their funds to buy a Share in Shoestring Group and they will be informed of this date by the Shoestring Group Treasurer as soon as practicable after that time. Membership shall continue until resignation or until notified by a Shoestring Committee Member that either: there has been a breach of the Agreement, or by dissolution of the Group.


IX. Responsibilities


New Members are required to read and understand the Agreement and Operational Notes, and follow them, along with the immediate guidance and advice by any Committee Member. Safety of Members is paramount and care of the boats is vital to the Group and its success in achieving its objectives. Applicants should be aware that any breach of the Agreement deemed unacceptable by the Committee may result in termination of the Share and the possibility that a refund  (where applicable) may not be given.


X. Meetings


Where possible, Members are expected to attend meetings when advised and endeavor to join in ‘maintenance days’ when requested.


Thanks,  Your form has been submitted

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